The Winners of Our #mundania Photo Challenge!

For our June Almanac we did a photo challenge called “mundania”. It was all about finding the majestic in the mundane. The photo prompts included things like laundry, dishes, favorite place to sit, pet, etc. (To see some of the photos we loved and highlighted go here or here. Or look up the hashtag #mundania on Instagram.)

It was tough to choose the winning photo. Below are the runner’s up. They will each receive a FREE limited edition art print from Almanac. Then above is the winner and she will receive 3 FREE limited edition art prints from Almanac and a copy of the album!

Above: Naomi Boyer submitted several great photos for #mundania. We LOVED this picture. It’s composition is beautiful, it gives you a sense of nostalgia, and the subject of “everyday life and play” is strongly captured. It’s a photograph you’d see on Instagram and stop for a moment because you’re arrested over the fact that our normal, everyday life is quite remarkable.

Below: Katrina Steele submitted several beautiful and well composed photos. This one was so clean. She made laundry and everyday chores look beautiful.


Below: We don’t personally know Andrea Mouser from Louisiana, but we know she’s married to a chef. And we know she can take an engaging and joyful photo of just a pile of dishes. What a great picture!


Many thanks to everyone who participated. What a great thing to get to witness. Enjoy your common (not so common) summer!

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  1. Naomi Boyer
    Naomi Boyer says:

    Thank you so much for holding this contest. I really enjoyed the process of seeing a moment and capturing it with my (very old and outdated) iPhone. As a stay-at-home mom, I have quite a lot of mundania moments, not all of which are photographable, but, as I quickly learned, there are plenty of them out there when your eye is trained to see them. I try to capture as many as I’m able, and I really enjoyed also seeing what everyone else out there was finding in their everyday lives. Thank you for providing this one small act of community through this curious love-hate world of social media.

    And now for one final shameless plug. Every so often, I write for a blog that centers around the intersection of theology and culture. A few posts ago, I wrote about my hatred of washing the dishes, which quickly became a post about living and finding God in the mundane tasks of life. I thought that since it fit with your theme, I’d share it with you.

    Enjoy, and thanks again. -N


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