May 2019 Desktop Wallpaper

For the desktop, click on the image above to view the large size image.

For these desktop wallpapers, what I’ve realized is that I design for what I am dreaming about. So although most of the trees around me are still bare ( we had snow yesterday!) I’m looking forward to being immersed in lush canopies of green. And maybe where you are those already exist, or maybe you are further north than I and are still longing for the first blooms of spring. Either way my hope is that your May is rich with fresh air and new growth. Thanks for continuing to support my family and my artwork. Much love always,


For the iphone wallpaper, navigate to this page on your phone and then click and hold on the image you want. Select ‘Save image to camera roll’. Then from your camera roll set your home screen/lock screen or both. I make a couple different ones so that you can use what works best for your device.

iphone wallpapers: