June Theme and Poetic Intro: “COMMON”

June is here and Betony and I are in Kansas with family. That’s why we’re a little late posting this month’s theme online. But, as you’ll get the feel with the poem, it fits that we’d be late this month.

Here’s to having some empty and free days this month, to be filled with all the people and things you love!


June is a day. An empty day

free of projects, appointments,
obligations, meetings, productions,
schedules, units, measurements, team functions

a sunrise and a sunset with nothing but the common, plain,

everyday life
in between

What happens when the day belongs to you
and yours?

Summertime? Family? Life?

It begs questions because of it’s rarity

but great moments of the nothing, mundane, everyday,
common Life
is what makes the days

worth living



—- Featured image from Kathryn Buncik’s Art



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