Betony Coons is an artist. Tim Coons is a musician. As a married couple they create projects together.

Betony and Tim met in Kansas, but fell in love in Colorado. That’s where they live today, married 11 years, raising three girls, and working the fields of art and music together. 

As Giants & Pilgrims they create from their daily surroundings;  the world of family, love, struggle, the need from more time, or the ongoing process of growing up and becoming who we’re meant to be. 


November 2017 Adventures in Homeschooling

Last year we began homeschooling Lucy (8), Hattie (6), Beatrice (3), and Arlo (1). We’re including this on our Giants & Pilgrims blog as all our family adventures seem to impact our art & music so much! Also, we just like sharing the stories. So we’ll be sharing posts on the themes we’ve been covering […]

December 2017 Free Calendar Desktop and iPhone Wallpaper

The inspiration for the wallpaper this month comes from our newest project – Imago Divina: The Joyous Mysteries – an incredibly beautiful advent collaboration with several other artists/creators (The Liturgists!) Watch/Listen/Enjoy all of that goodness here. And then put some new wallpaper on your screens and breathe in all the Christmas goodness that is coming in […]

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Surprise! Our new Christmas album is out now.
It's free and you can listen/download it here:

About the album: We treated carols in an intimate, simple style with piano, guitar, and voice. Charla and I had this studio day with Brad Smalling in Evergreen and it was all the Christmas magic and miracle one could hope for.

And then we have these instrumentals in-betwixt the carols that score the movements of the Christmas story.

We hope the whole project helps you center and gives new breath for this season that can run you ragged!

8 track album

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Thank you for this beautiful print, Betony Coons and Timothy Coons! ...

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