Betony Coons is an artist. Tim Coons is a musician. As a married couple they create projects together.

Betony and Tim met in Kansas, but fell in love in Colorado. That’s where they live today, married 11 years, raising three girls, and working the fields of art and music together. 

As Giants & Pilgrims they create from their daily surroundings;  the world of family, love, struggle, the need from more time, or the ongoing process of growing up and becoming who we’re meant to be. 


A Song About Anxiety

I don’t want to sensationalize the story, but I want to be truthful in how it felt.  Last year in May, Betony was admitted to the emergency room for the second time that week. We were at a loss as to what was going on and we were really damn scared. It started earlier in […]

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Our new, full-length album releases today. You can listen/purchase at iTunes, Bandcamp, Spotify.
Thanks so much for your support. We're honored and hope you love it.

An enormous thank you for the large team of musicians and creatives who made the album happen.

Charla Bultman- piano, vox
Brian "Dobsy" Hogg- keyboards, drum programming
Brian Claxton- drums
Jon Leverkhun- bass
Hayden Farr- saxophone
Sigorney Moore- harp
Melanie Haskins- violin
Aaron Adamson- banjo, mandolin, harmonica
Rob Fleming- bass
David Wilton- bass, electric guitar, etc
Graham Bylsma- electric guitar
Mary Claxton- vox, bells
Betony Coons- art, album, voice of reason

Produced by Tim Coons & David Wilton
Mixed & Mastered at Coalesce Studios by David Wilton

10 track album

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Surprise! Our new Christmas album is out now.
It's free and you can listen/download it here:

About the album: We treated carols in an intimate, simple style with piano, guitar, and voice. Charla and I had this studio day with Brad Smalling in Evergreen and it was all the Christmas magic and miracle one could hope for.

And then we have these instrumentals in-betwixt the carols that score the movements of the Christmas story.

We hope the whole project helps you center and gives new breath for this season that can run you ragged!

8 track album

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