Almanac Adventure: September “Capes and Crowns”

Giants & Pilgrims were invited to  a church down in Denver to lead an Almanac Adventure. St. Andrews United Methodist was so kind to have us! Betony Coons brought lots of supplies- felt stickers, old curtain rod samples, antique buttons, plastic “bling”, etc. Somehow, when you throw all these together with some scissors, a glue gun, and children’s creativity you get: Capes and Crowns.

Both the young and old fabricated a cape and a crown or two. Those who love such fashions wore theirs the entire night.

We also did something a little different during the making. With a felt pen special messages were written into the materials- on the underside of the cape or the tie-strings of the crown. These hidden proclamations came out almost like prayers. Things were written like,

“You are braver than you believe”.

“You are loved.”

“Do not be afraid. You are never alone.”

DSC_0114Extra capes and crowns were made by everyone who participated with these words of encouragement written into them. We took the surplus collection and are donating them to A Woman’s Shelter here in our home city of Greeley. Our hope is that there in the play area of the shelter, kids who are going through difficult times will play dress up, donning these capes and crowns. That they’d feel in this moment adventurous and strong and beautiful. That they’d experience an extra touch of human dignity in their play. And that our secret messages hidden in the capes and crowns would speak courage and strength over them.

IMG_2095 copy  IMG_2581


Kickstarter Adventure: Coming Soon

Giants & Pilgrims (Tim and Betony Coons and all co-conspirators) are launching a Kickstarter campaign this Wednesday. We hope to raise funds to create our first ever project together: ALMANAC No. 1.

ALMANAC No. 1 will be a three part project of an album, art series, and monthly publication dedicated to navigating our seasons and working the fields together.

You took us up on our invitation to come by. Thank you. You are welcome here. Take your time and enjoy yourself as you explore the new site.

You’ll see we have some videos up and some accounts of Almanac Adventures. These are creative endeavors that attempt thoughtful love by involving making something with others. They also tie into the season. If you can help us come up with a better definition for Almanac Adventures, please leave a comment below!