Almanac Adventure: March “Isles of Green”



These adventure days  have been so much fun! In January we hid “reflective” jars in the winter woods. In February we set up letter writing stations. And now?


Adventure Day #3: Greeley Isles of Green: A treasure map escapade.


Here is a treasure map created just for you.

(click the thumbnail to see the full map)
Isles of Green Treasure Map_print
It will take you to 3 parks in Greeley, CO.


The game? To  collect a series of letter clues, hidden in the specific locations in the parks. Once they spell the secret message then you head to John Galt Coffee CO for your prize. First prize is $50 cash. No joke. The next prizes (2- 15) wins a bag of treasure!


Enjoy the spring, enjoy the hunt, and enjoy this new changing season that is upon us!


Signing with a new cryptic moniker,


Giants and Pilgrims (Betony, Tim, Lucy, Harriet)


bw map

IMG_1323   jars  tim  lucy map