February 2022 Wallpaper and a little journey…

Hello Friends!

I am going to leave February’s calendar a mystery because I need you to take a tiny journey! For a while now, I have been posting desktop wallpapers at two places – here at giantsandpilgrims.com and also on my art website betonycoons.com

And honestly it add an extra level of work for me and makes things more complicated than necessary. So, at least for now, I am going to simplify things and just post wallpapers at betonycoons.com (and I will be posting monthly special little handmade goodies you won’t want to miss too!).

So if you are ready for February’s desktop wallpaper please head over to betonycoons.com!! It’s a good one!

Here is the direct link – https://www.betonycoons.com/blog/february-2022-free-wallpaper

Thanks for sticking with me,


P.S. if anyone has any suggestions or thoughts about the switch please let me know!