Merry Christmas from Giants & Pilgrims

Here’s to the yearly traditions- strange and eccentric, quaint and normal.

Betony and I are watching Lord of the Rings now- one of our stranger Christmas traditions. For several years we’d spend time watching all three extended editions (12 some hours of hobbitude) from the day after Thanksgiving until Christmas. We’ll see how far we get today. Life got busier with kids. Then I’ll be grilling out in the snow later. We started that yearly one a very cold Christmas 4 yuletides ago.

Our more normal traditions have already been enjoyed- the picture on the stairs starting the morning of presents. And the Christmas Eve service was beautiful last night.

Soon we’ll be traveling- two more celebrations to enjoy with my family then Betony’s- complete with two more Christmas mornings!

A very Merry Christmas to you all and all your traditions, usual and unusual. Our blog will be quieter in the next two weeks. Then we’ll be making some announcements about where we’re heading this next year!

Grace and Peace,

Tim Coons
Giants & Pilgrims

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