A Photo-Challenge Contest: #mundania

Here’s a June photo-challenge that we are turning into a contest! Do you see the majestic in the mundane? the uncanny in the common? the beauty in the everyday?

Follow the prompts given for June (enough has been given that it could be daily, but you don’t have to have a photo for each one…) and bring out just how special life is; even in the normal, so-called boring moments. Do your best to make these prompts into captures of beauty.

Use the hashtag #mundania to share these pictures.

The BEST IN SHOW photo, judged by Tim & Betony Coons and Wes Sam-Bruce, will win 3 limited-edition art prints from Almanac No. 1!

1 Laundry

2 Breakfast

3 Front Porch

4 1:00 PM

5 Refrigerator

6 Lawn Care

7 Working on

8 Where I sleep

9 Mail

10 Dirty dishes

11 Morning routine

12 The commute

13 Coffee

14 Bedtime routine

15 Lunch

16 Clutter

17 Shoes

18 Pet

19 Currently reading

20 Dinner

21 Rest

22 Groceries

23 Summer

24 Garbage

25 Cleaning

26 Computer/ Tech

27 Home

28 Street

29 Favorite place to sit

30 Friends

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  1. Katrina
    Katrina says:

    Hmmm….. so for those of us who love taking pictures of the everyday, but haven’t a clue how to do the hashtag thing, can you explain HOW to do it? Or will it only work for those who have a twitter or instagram account?

    • Betony Coons
      Betony Coons says:

      You can hashtag on Facebook too… You just write the phrase #mundania. It will automatically group it with everything else that has that label. Or feel free to send us your favorite photos in an email! That’d enter you in the contest as well, of course.


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