Almanac Adventure: January “Winter Jars”

A few notes from my Hubby Tim about this project:

We begin here whisperings and rumors of a new project… I say we because this time it won’t just be an album. My wife, Betony, and I have decided to create together for the first time. And not just the two of us. We’re also including our family- Lucy (3 years old) who loves to paint and boss people around and Harriet (16 months old) who likes to give us opportunities for exercise  when we have to run and pull her off of whatever dangerous thing she’s climbed onto. 

As a family we’ll be exploring what it means for all of our worlds to overlap, embrace, and collide- music, art, husband, wife, child, adult, reflection, adventure, fresh, experienced, wonder, and wonder renewed. The working title is “Kingdoms”.

In holding to the practice that the journey is always more important than the destination, Betony and I have decided to have “Family Adventure Days”. We will dive into the deeper things of life, invite our kids into those places, and invite our close friends there too. We don’t know what each month will look like, but we hope songs, paintings and art come out of the “play” of these days.

“Family Adventure Day #1”
Polar Explorers
My Journal from the day:

It’s January. It’s freezing cold outside (try -15 F degrees outside right now as I am writing this).  The New Year endeavor? Documenting our hopes and dreams for these upcoming months.

Together as a family we filled 5 mason jars and labeled each: Hopes, Dreams, Prayers, Fears, and Secrets (and then actually a 6th jar that Lucy wanted to make. Can’t quite tell what the tag says as it is written in her 3 year old hieroglyphics.)



In each jar, we put special little mementos and words we’d spent time reflecting on. In the dream jar, in type written notes: “I dream that we could create something beautiful this year”, “I dream that my friends’ dreams would come true”, “I dream I could be a real ice cream chef”. -Feathers in the “Hopes” jar, unwritten secrets in the “Secrets” jar, one word fears (which we later burned) and rocks in the “Fears” jar, and a list of the people we care most about in the “Prayers” jar…


Then, we bundled up as best we could (the polar explorers part) and headed out to the wilderness (also known as the wildlife sanctuary west of Glenmere park). It felt really good to be out in the wild forest (OK not really wild, but it felt REAL). We found a special place to hang each of the jars – suspended by twine and air in the crisp sunshine. Inside we left pencils and paper. We want to hear your hopes & dreams too.


You’re invited- if you live near by go find these secret jars. Add your own tiny tidbits. Share your story.  If nothing else, it is a beautiful walk in the woods.

Or, if you are family from far away, leave your New Year wanderings in the comments section below.

Happy Adventuring!




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