December 2021 Free Desktop Wallpaper

Here we are at the close of another year. How does it go so fast? This morning on our early sunrise walk around the lake, Tim and I wondered together about what our guiding word for December should be. We talked about how we want this month to feel slow and sacred. How we want to hold still in the moments of advent and steep in the favorite activities and bustle of Christmas. This time is special. It carries great gravity. And it also goes so fast.

So we decided to lean into the word “Sacred” – to honor the significance of both the simple and supreme.
For this desktop design, I was inspired by faded Christmas postcards I have collected from antique stores and my grandmothers stashes over the years. I like the way these colors make me feel. Hopefully it brings good memories to you as well. Feel free to choose the color scheme you most resonate with. Praying that you can find your own “Still, Still, Still” this holiday season. Much love always, Betony

May Free Calendar Desktop and iPhone Wallpaper

Here in Colorado, May 1st is the planting date. Which means we shouldn’t (fingers crossed) have any more freezes. It means I get to visit the local plant nursery for the first time of the season and come home with all sorts of new flower and veggie babies. It means summer is inevitable. It means school is wrapping up and days are lengthening. It feels hopeful and exciting. Full of anticipation for the rest and relaxation of lazy days. Hopefully these new little artworks will bring a little bit of the spirit of May to your spaces.

Much Love,


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High Resolution Desktop Wallpaper: