“There is a Balm in Gilead” Song and Silkscreen Print

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For February we’ve explored the theme of “balm”, asking what does it look like to be a healing balm within the world and serve places as a family.

We thought this would be the perfect month to release one of our favorite new songs. Here is the fully produced, beautiful “There is a Balm in Gilead”. You can listen below (and feel free to share it with folks!):

Using the lyrics from the song, Betony has designed a limited edition of 50 silk-screened posters. With metallic-gold ink on heavyweight, navy-blue paper, it will be an incredible and framable 12×16 print.

Because of the silk-screen process we are only taking orders until March 7th! If you’d like one you can order it now by clicking right here (it’ll take you to our store).

About Bellwether and Our February Theme

At the beginning of the year Betony and I announced we’re working on a new project. Titled Bellwether, it will be an album and art series that explores belief (to be released November 2016).

Instead of just keeping the creative process to ourselves, we’re making it a bit more open; hoping to explore belief each month in ways that contribute and form the project being released.

So every month we’re doing a Practice & Process, choosing a spiritual practice and, in response, sharing the creative process.

For February our theme is Balm and we wrote all about the Practice we took on

Our plan is to continue releasing songs and posters throughout the calendar year- an ongoing process to these practices. Keep watching for more as the months progress!

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  1. Amanda
    Amanda says:

    Hey Tim,

    Do you have a lyrics listing for this song? I can’t find one online and would like one to make my own art print.

    • Betony Coons
      Betony Coons says:

      Amanda, here’s the lyrics… I’ll post them below. And I’d love to see what you’ve created when you’re done!

      There is a balm in Gilead
      It comes like a wisdom
      but speaks like children
      it’s a sight to the blind
      a strength to my weakness
      something for soul, body, mind

      its a rest for the weary
      a song to the sore
      its like a dew to my dryness
      that fills me with joy when I had none

      its a spring in the desert
      for the withered of soul
      it’s a strength and a power
      that keeps making you whole
      its the question your asking
      and the answers you need
      it’s the face you’ve been seeking
      the one you’ve been begging to see

      the trash and the remnants
      of all my train wrecks
      coming together
      and still heading out west
      like a blank paycheck paying off the back rent
      taking me further to
      whatever’s to happen next

      the light of the dawn
      the scales without measure
      it’s the bread of a baker
      the blood of a maker
      The water I long for
      and the story on fire
      its the breath and the magic
      Its something to die for
      and the laying down of the shepherd at night

  2. Erik
    Erik says:

    I’ve been absolutely blown away by this song since hearing it on the Under the Radar collection. Unfortunately, I’m a bit late on the Kickstarter wagon. Do you have an inkling of when Bellweather might be available for purchase? Again, thank you so much for exploring your faith in this way. Just outstanding! Kudos to you both.

    • Betony Coons
      Betony Coons says:

      Thanks Erik! The art prints for Bellwether should be up next week. And the first movement of the album will be coming out this week! Just keep checking back here.


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