August 2021 Free Wallpaper

For the desktop, click on the image above to view the large size image

It’s August!! The whole world seems to be kicking off this month. We are jumping into the first theater projects in almost two years, our kids’ choir is happening again, we will start school up in a couple of weeks, and the kids don’t beg me to take them to the pool every day because they are tired of it. So many new projects are getting rolling and even though we are still struggling with how exactly to maneuver this crazy state of the world, it feels good to have some familiar. That being said, I have talked to so many friends who say “I am not sure how to do normal life” any more. And that’s it, isn’t it? We are hopping back into the flow, but we are changed. And that is OK. We are going to be OK.

Our theme this month is “Swing.” It’s the feeling of jumping back into the “swing” of things. It’s being able to stay centered in the midst of forces pulling against us. It’s the feeling of flying and then of falling, replayed on an endless loop.

Happy August Friends! You’ve got this.

For the iphone wallpaper, navigate to this page on your phone and then click and hold on the image you want. Select ‘Save image to camera roll’. Then from your camera roll set your home screen/lock screen or both. I make a couple different versions so that you can use what works best for your device.