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A friend of mine holds onto several mantras for his life. He repeats these phrases and has let them take hold as best he can.
It made Betony and I begin to ask ourselves, what are our own mantras? What are the sayings that stay with us or that we keep coming back to or that we need to keep reminding ourselves of?

Here are just some of the mantras we’ve adopted. What are yours?

Always be kind,
for everyone is
fighting a great battle.

Be Open to Whatever
Comes Next

The world will never
lack for wonders;
only wonder.


Live a Better STORY

Love God, love people


Featured Artist: Wes Bruce

Bio: Hi, I’m Wes. Like everyone else, I’m a lot of different things. I’m a son, a husband, a friend, a soul, a supporter, a lover of mountains, rivers,and wild places. I’m a believer in the power of the human imagination. I’m an investigator of the human condition. I’m an artist, an educator, an illustrator, a designer, and a photographer. I’m also a poet, a climber of trees, and an advocate for play (for adults and kids). I’m a rememberer. I’m a protector and purveyor of walking trails, shared meals, and community engagement. I believe in others, and using art as a vessel for character development. I’m passionate, and deeply curious about the world around me. I was born and raised in the woods of Northern California, then spent 10 years in San Diego, and now live with my wife and best friend, Emi in Colorado. We live gratefully, and are aware of the threadedness between joy and mourning. We love libraries & swimming pools.