POEM by Spoken Word Artist Dale Fredrickson

New Growth

Through winter nights,

I brave barren heart;

slowing down finding myself in shadows,

shedding all parts within me past spent,

sitting in silence mounded by sorrows.


Frozen dirt stubborn,

I yearn for spring’s mysterious garden;

It’s secrets breaking through frosty harden.


Snowdrifts melting —

the gardener within me begins again:


God lives on the edges of spring’s daylight.

warming frozen dirt, breathing new life,

cultivating daring dreams, fresh insight,

building trellises where community thrives.

Dirt softens spring pushes through —

I burst with renewed joy and delight,

flourishing gardens growing within heart,

fresh gripping roots of purpose for this life,

found in this hope, sowing seeds now my part

March Theme: “Green”

Here is our poem for March; exploring why we chose the theme “green” to describe these days…

March is a begging garden
Fingertips ready for dirt
Jeans longing for grass stains

The hints of the first warm days 
find us oustide immediately
Our hearts looking for any excuse to walk

Enjoying those tips of green in the 
fields we see

A prologue of the good garden to come