Film Score for New Francis Chan Video

Download the short film score for FREE HERE.

(Tim Coons of Giants & Pilgrims speaking here)

I had the opportunity to write the music for this short film about the Chans (my music starts at 2 minutes in)

Francis Chan is a New York Times best selling author (Crazy Love) and his latest project is a book he’s co-written with his wife, Lisa. A series of shorts are being released to supplement the book and this film is one of them.

The film, produced by Pilar Timpane, showcases how the Chans approach family and how they live out their marriage in light of eternity. It reveals an inspiring life of intentionality, service, mission, and centering in God’s love. Producer Timpane did an incredible job capturing and presenting this.

I wrote the song in response to the film’s themes: marriage, mission, giving, etc. So the score has 4 short distinctive movements:

“You & Me Forever” Short Film Score Movements
A. Love and Marriage
B. Difficult Fields
C. Sacrifice and Pouring Out
D. Love and Marriage (reprise)

If you’d like to hear the film’s song on it’s own and download it for FREE come to this site:

Film Score Credits

Released 28 August 2014

Written and Recorded by Tim Coons
Mixed by Dave Farrell and Tim Coons
Mastered by Dave Farrell

For more about the book “You and Me Forever”: