Tim is Opening a New Shop (He’s making his own cologne and beard oil!)

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Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

This is how the dynamics of Betony and I’s relationship goes: she’s into painting, gardening, gourmet foods, kids’ education, graphic design, urban chickens…. etc. All while I’m really in to music and eating whatever gourmet food Betony makes.

You can see my wife is an artist-of-all-trades and I’m pretty single-tracked. (When we started Giants & Pilgrims together we had to reign it in to being about JUST art & music. haha)

Until now! I’ve found a creative hobby that I love and I’m sharing it with you all. I love to keep myself well dressed and one of the best way to do so is to keep your beard well maintained, learn more about how I do it here. Last year I started concocting my own goods in the world of men’s products: best double-edge razor blades, aftershave, beard oil, and cologne.

I’m fascinated by the way essential oils can be employed to make such interesting scents (they’re even given names such as bass note, middle note, high note… like music!)

So come by my new Etsy shop (just in time for Father’s Day) and find out some of my inspiration for all this and why I named my cologne collection 1919!

Thanks for all your support of our fairly rampant creative family,
Tim Coons
Giants & Pilgrims, Glass Calendar Apothecary