Presidents for Giants & Pilgrims

So my friends Kelly Cook and Daniel Mothershed aided me this President’s Day, the same day I had set to release the album. Together we wrote a series of false quotes from all sorts of leaders of the free world.

With each statement posted advertising the new album I would giggle to myself and hum “hail to the chief”. I included all of our work below. It just made me laugh too much not to share it.

“This album is cherry! It has real teeth!”
-George Washington

“Better than an extra large bathtub!”
-President Taft

“More legit than I’ll ever be.”
-Jefferson Davis

“They’re not as good as The Civil Wars, but who is? I listen to their new album while fighting vampires.”
-Abraham Lincoln

“If you buy one album this year? Buy Frozen. Two? Giants & Pilgrims: Almanac No. 1!
-President Coolridge

“Upon hearing this new album I smiled and said aloud, ‘hashtag, thanks Obama'”.
-President Obama

“It sounds like a Cuban Missile Crisis in my soul; the fall of communism in my heart. Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for Giants & Pilgrims.”
-President Kennedy

“Check out song 3, two minutes in. Who’s playing that great sax solo? It ain’t Hillary.”
-Bill Clinton

Here’s the link to the album that all these fantastic leaders are talking about: