Almanac Movement Online: “The Great Texting Campaign”

Giants & Pilgrims are sponsoring an online endeavor to encourage the sending of good words to those we love. We’re calling it the “The Great Texting Campaign”. It will primarily use prompts on Facebook.

Facebook posts will ask people to send out texts of encouragement, congratulations, thanks, apology, empathy, even comic-relief. Right then- the moment you read the post.

When you see the post on Facebook with the official GTC logo, make sure and share it to keep the good words coming. Here’s an example below:

texting campaign_blue post box texting campaign_blurry texting campaign_chalk

“Stop scrolling! Send a text of encouragement to someone who needs it. Right now. Make their day.
Brought to you by “The Great Texting Campaign”, care of Giants & Pilgrims.”

You can’t say it all. You can’t say it perfectly.
But you can say something.