March 2021 Free Wallpaper and Playlist

March is here friends. Since fall, I have been getting up early each weekday morning at 6 and taking a very chilly walk around our park. I make myself a cup of cinnamon tea and bundle up in all my layers. The last three months have been very dark and very cold. But this morning, for the first time, it was just a little bit light out when I left the house. And by the time I got back the sun was fully up and the birds were singing. A change is coming.

If you have been around me for a while, you probably know how I feel about March. I truly dread it every year because something terrible always seems to happen in March (it’s those darn ides…). But this time I plan on squaring my shoulders and facing whatever the pruning brings. I am going to do my best to search out spring even if it isn’t quite ready to find me.

Our theme for the month is “Song”. It is about finding those moments of beauty and poetry amidst the end of winter and singing. Love you friends. Keep on keeping on.

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This month’s playlist is themed “Song”. It is full of Irish sea shanties, ballads, and songs that make you want to get up and dance. Enjoy!!

For the iphone wallpaper, navigate to this page on your phone and then click and hold on the image you want. Select ‘Save image to camera roll’. Then from your camera roll set your home screen/lock screen or both. I make a couple different versions so that you can use what works best for your device.

Song: Paint Your Tigers Gold

The Story of the Song

“Paint Your Tigers Gold” was written when our daughter, Lucy (then 2 years old), was having night terrors. She would erupt into screaming and crying anywhere between midnight and 4 AM. And we couldn’t wake her up to calm her down.
Being in that helpless place and not being able to fix the problem was extremely hard for me as a dad. Exhausted, I would hold my frantic daughter and be completely unsure what to do.

After several weeks of trial and error, turns out she just had to go to the bathroom as a part of the bedtime routine. That was a tiring lesson to learn and best remedied at 7 PM rather than 2 AM.

I wrote this song as a prayer- processing what it means to come alongside someone (when that’s really all you can do… just be with them) when they experience darkness. There’s such strength in coming alongside them to tell them you are with them; that they are brave and can do it.

The sound of the song is purposefully both circus/ kaleidoscope joy and vesper/lullaby hush- a call to courage and a calming comfort. And all that wrapped up in hope.

Listen to “Paint Your Tigers Gold”

“Paint Your Tigers Gold” Lyrics and Chords

by Giants & Pilgrims

Hedge of angels come to corners with me

Riddle out every shadow you see

dm             C                       dm                   C                           F
Ring a bell, shake across, give them hell whatever the cost

Summon all of your rave revelry, Say a word against the indecency
You’re alright, you’re not alone, Keep the fight, you’re safe and you’re home

F F/E  dm x2
Put on your brightest shine
(Paint all your tigers gold, Whistle your loudest song,
Shout in your highest notes, Singing your loudest tone,
Put on your greatest crown)

Bb                                                 F   F/E  dm
… And your Lionheart sleeps tonight

Every ride, every Carasol stops, In the end, ended all without knots
Breathing deep, thank the Lord, you’re covered up, with rock and with sword

dm           F              Bb
Sleep along, dear. Darling I’m here
I’ll hang my heart, dear, upon the door here x2

Bb– F– dm– C–