Weld Found: a new podcast

Friends, I’ve started a podcast. It’s called Weld Found and is about belonging in an age of social isolation and disconnection.

Since February I’ve been recording and editing and scoring. And now just this month the first couple episodes are being released.

The work of creating it has been so much fun and very meaningful, too. I’m asking questions like, “What does it mean to connect and truly belong to the area where you live?”

Since I’ve been here in Greeley, CO I’ve lived somewhat in a bubble. I’ve got my friends who all enjoy similar things and believe similar ideals and we’re mainly in similar places in life… along with that comes my Facebook and Twitter where I have great connections, but they are definitely the same types of echo chambers.

So this is a step into getting to know the place where I live. And become a better connected part of my community.

But I’m wanting to tell these stories in such a way that those of you who don’t live in this particular area can still deeply enjoy them. Because I know many of you are asking these same questions of “What does it mean to belong better to where I live?”

You can subscribe and listen in iTunes or Google Podcasts. Or just stream the first episode below. Thanks for listening! I hope you love it.

-Tim Coons
Giants & Pilgrims