Illustrated Birthday Invitations – an accidental tradition

This week the girls and I have been busy party planning for Lucy’s 6th birthday. A job she takes VERY seriously (“do not make jokes about it dad, I am serious!”). It is going to be a Woodland Fairy Party. Here is the invitation the girls and I drew –

lucy 6 woodland fairy invite

Starting a couple of years ago, I started drawing invitations for each of the girls birthdays.

I love how drawing these by hand has become a little tradition around here. I thought you might enjoy seeing some of the illustrations from years past –

Harriet’s Ice Cream Anti-Social (she was very shy of everyone at the time):


Harriet’s Quiet Elephant 2 Year Old Birthday:


Harriet 2 year old elephant

Not one of my littles, but an invitation I did for a friend:

Lucy’s Blue Skies & Rainbows Summer Party:
IMG_0910Lucy 4 year old birthday invite
Lucy’s Backyard Pool Party from last year:

Lucy's pool party invite 5_small


And of course, Harriet’s Blue Monster Party
Harriets blue monster 3 year old birthday