March: A New Song & Silk-Screen Poster!

Spring has started off with swift pacing. This month has included a tour, releasing a “Holy Week” project with The Liturgists, readying this new song and art-poster, and producing our Easter gatherings (Tim’s an art director at a church).

As a family we’ve been exploring the theme of “ground”, approaching the question “what grounds you?”; actually digging in the dirt AND metaphorically digging in the dirt, finding foundations, and setting ground work.

So we took a very different angle with the song we’re releasing this month- we’ve remade an old hymn! It’s an ancient song called “Praise to the Lord, the Almighty” and we’re calling the track “Hymn no. 35”. This is the hymn number of “Praise to the Lord, the Almighty” from the old hymnal Tim grew up with at his Presbyterian church in Hutchinson, KS.

We hope you find the arrangement to be beautiful with depth and resonance no matter what your belief!

Using the lyrics from the song, Betony has designed a limited edition of 50 silk-screened posters. With turquoise ink on heavyweight, navy-blue paper, it will be an incredible and framable 12×16 print.

If you’d like one you can ORDER NOW by clicking right here (it’ll take you to our store).
Note: posters will not ship until after April 10th
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About Bellwether and Our March Theme

At the beginning of the year Betony and I announced we’re working on a new project. Titled Bellwether, it will be an album and art series that explores belief (to be released November 2016).

Instead of just keeping the creative process to ourselves, we’re making it a bit more open; hoping to explore belief each month in ways that contribute and form the project being released.

So every month we’re doing a Practice & Process, choosing a spiritual practice and, in response, sharing the creative process.

For March our theme is Ground and we wrote all about the Practice we took on

Our plan is to continue releasing songs and posters throughout the calendar year- an ongoing process to these practices. Keep watching for more as the months progress!