Giants & Pilgrims Great North Central Tour: Day 11

Above picture is from Escape to the Lake. And this is our traveling caravan of Giants & Pilgrims (two cars worth of family and fun).

Captain’s Log. Giants & Pilgrims have fulfilled all their obligations and engagements. Moral is sooo daaannngg high.

What a wonderful and wondrous trip. Craig Basarich (trumpeter) and I are in a bookstore in Kansas right now (Blue Bird Books in Hutchinson). We’ve been recounting great memories from the trip all last night and today. And my family rolls into town tonight. I’m so very excited.

The highlights of our tour? Too many to post, but overall by far the greatest highlights were touring with amazing friends (and growing even closer with these friends) and all the people that we met who we just fell in love with. We were so supported, so kindly received, and so well fed everywhere we played. And with so many meaningful conversations about music, art, faith, love and life.

My pool of friendships and family has expanded tremendously this trip.I truly believe if I returned to any of these folks who hosted us we’d have a free place to stay on some random weekend. And I may take them up on that.

Here’s some pictures from the last half of our tour: concerts and people and I’ll hit on some strong memories too. Enjoy and thank you to all of you who made it possible to travel and do this music.

Below: we played at this coffee shop in Libertyville (close to Chicago). Stellar place. A band called The Ache opened for us. They had an awesome sound


After playing at Hansa with lots of Craig’s friends, family, and Chicago connections we headed to Escape to the Lake, a festival put on by Under the Radar. It was the main reason for this trip! And it was such an amazing time. Photo by Kingsley Shacklebolt.

Kinsly shot


I met Mary last year on a Chicago trip. This year at EttL she wanted a “selfie” with me after we led worship. I was so honored. And I had to show you all it here:



From Escape to the Lake we did a couple shows in Minneapolis. The first with Gabriel and his band Ancient Mariner. Then at our drummer, Mary’s family home. A really prominent memory for us was swimming at the lake where Mary would go when she was little. It was the perfect way to end the tour!