April Adventure: Guerilla Gardening

Gardening tools
Hardy plants indigenous to your area
Trash Bag for collecting weeds and garbage
Gardening gloves
Potting soil, compost, fill dirt, rocks, etc.
Gather your stock-pile of horticulture weapons.
You’ll be attacking enemy grounds of weeds and barren soil on this adventure.
  Find a plot in your neighborhood or perhaps a business area
  deeply in need of love and care. Make a plan of how you’d
  “xeriscape” this space. What fill dirt will you need to buy?
  What plants? Will this endeavor last with out your constant care this season?
Under cover of night take a crew of friends and go to get to work. Weed, prep the dirt, plant your plants, then get out of there quickly!
As spring turns to summer the once
eye-sore for the community will be seen
now as a beautiful asset to the
neighborhood. It will be transformative
and you’ll own the satisfaction of being
the culprits who made it happen.