March 2020 Desktop & iPhone Wallpaper

For the last five years (at least), something really difficult has happened to our family in March. One year it was our daughters bout with seizures, one year was the fight that almost ended our marriage, last year Tim’s dad’s cancer surgery, one year a miscarriage, etc. I know I always talk about how each season is my favorite, but after the past years, March has become the month I dread. Yesterday I was telling my husband how I have this sense of impending doom already. And I don’t want that. I don’t want to be that person. Historically March is the end of winter. It’s the month when the store rooms are bare. It’s the last leg of the hard race of winter. So it makes sense that it would be a place where pruning happens and we experience hardship. But it’s also where we get to see the hope of spring. It’s where the grays of winter start to recede and we discover crocuses under the snow. The light begins to grow stronger. And the plants know. Over the years, I realized that I usually gravitate towards themes of color, and light, and spectrum in March. We are in a place where we are longing for light. So friends, let’s head out into the sunshine and feel the air strengthening our weary bones. Happy March friends!

For the desktop, click on the image above to view the large size image

For the iphone wallpaper, navigate to this page on your phone and then click and hold on the image you want. Select ‘Save image to camera roll’. Then from your camera roll set your home screen/lock screen or both. I make a couple different ones so that you can use what works best for your device.

Almanac Adventure: November “Family Tree”


On October 31st we celebrated a very well-known holiday. Halloween was a blast this year for the Coons family. We dressed up, trick-or-treated with lots of friends, and had way too much candy.

November 1st, however, we also celebrated a holiday not nearly as well-known. The day after Halloween, or All-Hallows-Eve, is All Saints Day.

All Saints Day is a holiday in the Western-Christian calendar set aside to honor all of the saints, known and unknown. A friend of mine, K.J. Tencza, several years ago came up with a way of celebrating this holiday in a very non-traditional way. We gathered together on the Friday night of All Saints Day and lit candles for those who have been a light in our lives- people that God has used in significant ways to shine and guide us. As people lit the candles they shared stories of those who have meant so much to them and how deeply they’ve impacted their lives.

It was a really incredible time. By the end of the night I felt this wonderful sense of gratitude; I am so thankful for the people in my life. And the lives of others. Encouragers, supporters, teachers, family.

We didn’t want to stop there, though. Betony made a “Family Tree” chart for people to take home and fill out how they liked. You could write in family members or take a more creative approach: who has deeply impacted your roots? Who are the people- family, writers, friends, teachers, people from camps, retreats, etc, who have been a part of your lineage as a human being? Who has truly shaped your soul? And write those names in.

family tree blank_small
We are providing here  the same “Family Tree” chart for download here. Print it off and take some time to reflect as you fill it in. And let it enrich your November! Here’s to the Adventure!
Click the small thumbnail below to download the large size file.
family tree blank

Much love,

Tim (Giants & Pilgrims)