Four Generations of Artists and an Apple Tree Sketch

Betony Coons, of Giants & Pilgrims, comes from an artistic background and we thought it would be interesting, beautiful, and true to our theme “branches” to see this experiment:

Betony, her grandmother (82), mother (57), sister (33), and finally, daughter Lucy (5), have all drawn sketches of an apple tree. The art here comes not only from the drawing but from the idea of a legacy and heredity of a family given over to being creative. Enjoy.

Below Pictures in order: Lucy (Betony’s daughter, age 5)/ Betony Coons (30)/ Elaine Williamson (Mother, 57)/ Katie Flindall (sister, 33)/ Chris Snyder (grandmother, 82)




betony apple tree

elaine apple tree katie_tree MamaGoose Apple Tree Again-1