The New Project Releases: See & Hear “Becoming”

Becoming is the new art and music project from Giants & Pilgrims.

Says Tim Coons in a recent article:

“The project comes from a central idea. When I was young, I couldn’t dream very far. My projections were one day I’d have a wife and kids and be a musician. Well, I have all that now. Am I done growing up? Am I all wise and coasting from here on out? I have ‘arrived’ haven’t I?

“It was a nice surprise to know we never stop growing up. It’s never all figured out. We are still in that process of ‘becoming’ who we’re meant to be, because, though the body may slow down and stop, the soul never does. It’s always dynamic.”

You can listen and purchase the album here.

You can see and purchase 3 prints of the art series here (full series available November 6th).

If you’d like a combination of album + prints pick get that special here.

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