Greeley Wheelie

As part of Tim and my practice and process of “Balm” for February, we wanted to get involved with a local charity in Greeley. We have been helping Turnaround Bikes, an amazing organization in Greeley that refurbishes bikes for kids in need. Tonight is their fundraiser, called the Greeley Wheelie. It is going to be a blast. If you don’t already have plans, you should go. I take that back, even if you do have plans, change them. You won’t regret it. It’s going to be an epic night.

Greeley_wheelie poster v3

One of my roles in the planning of the event was to gather artists to create Picasso inspired “bull’s head” art pieces.

Each artist was given an old bike seat and handlebars to transform. My friends and community never disappoint. The creativity, generosity, and innovation of these artists never ceases to amaze me. Check these out.

And, all of these works are being auctioned off tonight as part of the fundraiser. So, come down and take one home.IMG_3561


Joni Lissak Wilson

Acrylic and Yarn on Bike Seat


Joni Lissak Wilson

Find her on:

Instagram: @jwilsak



Betony Coons

Collage and Acrylic on Bike Seat


Daniel (aka Billy Idol)”

Kathie Weise

Polymer clay on bike seat with handle bars



Kathie Weis studied at at Kent State University and lives and works in Greeley, CO. She loves to experiment with a large variety of techniques and mediums.


Find her on:

Facebook: Kathie Lockmyer Weise



Kelly Cook

Acrylic and Yarn on Bike Seat


Kelly Cook is a painter and illustrator in Greeley Colorado. She loves to do custom projects with people. Each piece of art starts as a story and idea.


Find her on:

Instagram: @kel.go.paint



Aaron Best


Acrylic and Spray Paint with Bike Seat


Aaron Best

Muralist/Iillustrator/Greeley, CO
Find him on:

Instagram: aarondavidbest


“Oh Deer, I Adore You”

Kimberly Destree

Spray Paint, Yarn, and Acrylic on Bike Seat


Kimberly Destree lives in Greeley with her husband and three cats. She loves art that is whimsical and art that makes people smile.

You can find her adventures and creations on:

Instagram: @thriftarchives




Jourdan Albrechtson

Yarn, sharpie, and acrylic on bike seat


Born in Vancouver, WA, Jourdan Albrechtson has lived her life loving all variations and mediums of art. Currently she is a student at the University of Northern Colorado studying printmaking. Once she graduates, she hopes to move back to the rainy Northwest to pursue her dream of opening up her own personal business/gallery.


Find her on:

Instagram: @jrdnalbrchtsn


IMG_3570 IMG_3571

“Good Company” and “Solo Seat”

Danyelle Butler

Cast Clay and Wood with Bike Handlebars


Danyelle and her husband are clay artists that get muddy daily. They can’t stop creating! They are very thankful to have their studio in their backyard in beautiful Colorado. Danyelle tries to do her ceramics a little different, combining her own aesthetics with Most of her pieces are high-fired stoneware, but she is beginning to experiment with alternative firing methods. 


Find her on:

Instagram: arthausceramics



“Riding Light”

Rick Destree

Bike Seat and Electrical Parts


Rick is an artist who lives in Greeley, CO. Most of his work is digital illustration, but he also loves to dabble in lamp/lighting design.


Find him on:


Deviant Art:

Instagram: @drinkdecaf