Documenting the Creative Process Series

Continuing work on our new series titled –  “Becoming” – current release date for the album and artwork is this fall.


Making sure to get this little girl started early.


It helps when you have an awesome dad to listen to and watch.


A lovely tea time sketching out ideas with my mom for a new header for her antique button business called House of Button.

Tim has been doing all sorts of recording and tracking – both in my very messy studio and at the UNC recording studio. Having AMAZING musician friends is pretty great. Thanks, Melanie Haskins!
IMG_4206 IMG_421011150696_10152732433620706_4919467173895650644_n

Thanks to my amazing parents and husband, my library mural is finally fixed (there was a problem with some cloudiness in the anti-graffiti coating) – You can see the difference in the black below between the finished redone black and the cloudy. It took LOTS of scrubbing and sanding, but it looks so bright and happy now. Just how I intended it.

IMG_4011 IMG_4015 IMG_4017

Getting it done called for me to actually remember to sign it this time.

And, I am working on a second draft of a new book project. The first version incorporated a lot of cool collage elements, but the publisher we are working with nixed the idea. Still going to be pretty wonderful though.

“Ferocious” Painting Process

Just wanted to share some of the behind the scenes process photos of how I create a painting. These are from last year (I was at my parents house in Kansas).


A good day of painting always starts for me with some good reference photos and a delicious cup of coffee.



Next comes roughly sketching out an idea – with lots of little scribbly help from the kiddos (an excellent place for them to help since all this gets covered anyway)




Also usually need some live modeling from Tim…


Refining the sketch…



Painting everything in black and white only to “set values”


Adding first collage elements and color (plus fixing some elements).


More color…


And more… teal and zig zags eventually gets covered up.



IMG_9459And after the edition of lots of white and lots of fun scribbles from the kids, FINISHED!!