We’re Having Another Baby!

Sometimes there are big surprises in life! Fheww!

Betony and I are pleased to let you know we are having another wonderful Coons baby. We found out in March and we’ve been waiting to hear heartbeat before making the announcement (which we heard a couple weeks ago, but sickness and seizures stole our attention).

Friends have joked with me that this will be our boy, but I know better. Some men are destined to be surrounded by lots of beautiful women, so I’m anticipating another little girl. We’re running out of names, so leave any suggestions in the comments! haha.

This website is dedicated to the creations of a married couple, so it seems appropriate to share about this new creation here. But this is also to let you know: all the plans COULD change! We still HOPE to release a new art & music project come November. But that’s also the due date of the new baby… So if we have any interruptions on our path (like bedrest, etc) our timelines will become obsolete.

That said, we’ll keep working together on this project “Bellwether”, exploring belief. And we’ll be preparing our home with these foundational findings as we prepare our home for a new life!

Here’s us telling the girls: