Reviews and Reaction to ALMANAC NO. 1 Album

Every couple months I like to share some things being said or created from our Almanac No. 1 project. Here’s four very cool/ fun things:

***Below is a review done in Ruminate Magazine. Ruminate is a fantastic publication of art, poetry, and writing centered in faith and life based in Fort Collins. You wouldn’t regret picking up a subscription:

***Then pastor and creator Steven Kurtz from Daphne, AL made this meditation video for “Shimmer No Waves”, the lead track off the record.

***Fellow musician Matthew Clark did a “walk-through” review of Almanac No. 1 that was really lovely! Stay at this site and check out Matthew’s music as well!

***One of my favorite comments about the album came from our Giants & Pilgrims trumpeter/instrumentalist, Craig Basercihct. A friend posted about liking the song “Shimmer No Waves” but didn’t know what it meant. Here’s Craig’s definition. He’s close…

Shimmer no waves is a tale written much in the style of The Iliad by Homer. Taking it’s listeners on a journey spanning over the centuries it unveils the truths of life, love, and liberty. It’s writing backbone is strongly influenced by numbers 3-7 of the Bill of Rights, authored by our fore fathers. 

The haunting voice of Dave Wilton providing background vocals is meant to encourage the listener to have feelings likening to those given by the Sirens of ancient Greek Mythology. It is meant to woo you, take you in, and encourage you to never leave.

One of Coons’ main influences is the driving rhythms of John Phillip Sousa which is why it is no surprise that he chooses to collaborate with trumpet on most tracks. Coons often compares his music to that of Chuck Mangione, Chris Botti, and Sousa.

Rally Those Hopes is about Off-Track Horse Betting.”

-Craig Bassonovich