Summer Boats Adventure

Supply Needs:


Exacto knife

Hot glue & hot glue gun

Thin Paper (tissue paper, newspaper, clothes patterns, etc.)

Stick for mast






1. Enlarge templates on photocopier (or freehand)

2. Trace boat shapes onto cardboard and cut out

3. Hot glue boat pieces together – if you want it to be water tight, add an extra layer of hot glue in any cracks

4. Add small strip of cardboard in center and cut a hole for the mast

5. Insert the stick into the hole, creating the mast. Hot glue to hold in place

6. Brush pieces of tissue paper with glue and overlap over the cardboard both inside and out of the boat to help seal it and make it pretty.

7. Cut a sail out of paper and tie to the mast with string (if your paper is thinner, first create a few layers of tissue by glueing them together and then cut your sail out.

Gather your supplies and some friends and family. (Make an good afternoon of it.) 

Follow the directions and build the boat structure, but beyond that, include pieces of yourself as well. What pictures, symbols and sayings represent you? Place these on your ship.  

Then fill out a small piece of paper. What are the things you need to let go of? Are there unresolved relationships? Grudges? Missed opportunities and disappointments? Inscribe these anchors and hide the scrap paper in your boat. 

Take your crew to some region with water- a lake or river, creek or ocean. Let the boats go (perhaps light a candle to place on the boat if you’re area is safe). 

Watch as your ships float away. Think about the things you are letting go of. Let the boat carry it away from you and enjoy the moment of freedom.
IMG_1374boat template part 1 boat template part 2

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