Some Art Pieces I Have Never Shared

As I have been going through old photos as a part of our moving process, I came across several pictures of artwork I don’t think I have ever shared on this space. Most of these were various commissions. All have them have sold, but I thought you might enjoy seeing these.

(If you are ever interested in commissioning a piece, feel free to contact me at 


This piece about a small mining town in Alaska – created for a beautiful family that spends half their time in Colorado and half in Alaska.

This commission for a missionary on an Indian Reservation struggling to find home in the midst of difficulties –

These little tiny painting about light and warmth and springtime –

This tattoo design –

This painting I made during a live painting performance with Tim about light and home –

This butterfly commission piece about being remade –

This “Frolicking Flowery Fox” made as part of a concept project that never panned out –

This Metallic bird piece –

This block print for a Country Western Band –


And this project I just finished TODAY for a beautiful travel loving couple in Denver. They also love antiques, so I found and refinished this ornate gold frame to complement the painting.

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  1. Katie Coons
    Katie Coons says:

    These are really cool. I think my friend Jen Monroe might have purchased one of your prints a few years ago. We are Katie and Dave Coons. We thought maybe the guys might have a relative in common some generations back? We live in Jericho, Vermont (after 15 years of China and Canada). We also just moved, I’m an artist, and Dave a pastor of a small church in town. Just thought I’d say hello. Blessing in the move! Listening to and loving your music!
    IG poiemacreations


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