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Curled up Series by Betony Coons

All curled-up and cozy this end of February. Betony Coons, a Giants & Pilgrims artist and founder, created these original illustrations to represent peace and rest. All three pieces are available at http://www.etsy.com/shop/graysparrow?ref=shop_sugg Original illustrations by Betony Coons “Curled up” – india ink on watercolor paper. $50 each – $75 framed. All images ©Betony Coons 2014

Instagram Games: Almanac Alphabet

Build an alphabet or word out of found materials, making an original font all your own. Take a photo of it. Use #almanacalphabet and share this creativity. The alphabet was made by Betony and Lucy. We took a lovely walk around the block and gathered sticks as we went.   Follow Betony’s instagram here – http://instagram.com/betonycoons […]

February Almanac Recipe: Simply Perfect Brownies

A page from our February Almanac: So what food best captures the romantic, red, winter-y love of February? I believe the answer is simple: it’s a big plate of wonderful, deeply delicious, chocolate brownies. Obviously. And going beyond just February, it’s amazing how many meals I’ve made that are begging to be finished with brownies. […]

Presidents for Giants & Pilgrims

So my friends Kelly Cook and Daniel Mothershed aided me this President’s Day, the same day I had set to release the album. Together we wrote a series of false quotes from all sorts of leaders of the free world. With each statement posted advertising the new album I would giggle to myself and hum […]


Almanac No. 1 is a three part project: a series of 12 paintings, a 12 month publication, and a 12 song album. After months of writing songs that attempt to strike to the core of life, then months in the studio capturing and arranging and creating moments with those songs, then months of mixing and […]

Almanac Movement Online: “The Great Texting Campaign”

Giants & Pilgrims are sponsoring an online endeavor to encourage the sending of good words to those we love. We’re calling it the “The Great Texting Campaign”. It will primarily use prompts on Facebook. Facebook posts will ask people to send out texts of encouragement, congratulations, thanks, apology, empathy, even comic-relief. Right then- the moment […]


A love poem for my wife, Betony. “Distance” My Love, there is a distance between us The same found between all of us Space, void from one to the next And you know, You and I have chosen to close the distance To draw near each other to know and to be known lessening the […]

February Almanac Poem: The Bird Understander

bird understander BY CRAIG ARNOLD Of many reasons I love you here is one the way you write me from the gate at the airport so I can tell you everything will be alright so you can tell me there is a bird trapped in the terminal      all the people ignoring it   […]

Valentine’s Day Playlists

Love songs can be pithy, schmoltzy; full of sentiment and cliche’. We’ve tried to avoid all that with these playlists. Here are two  playlists full of earnest, beautiful, and creative songs that strike to the core of love in such a way that we can believe it. The first playlist, “Modern/Soul”, is on Betony Coons’ spotify. […]

Giants & Pilgrims Featured Artist on “Under the Radar” National Podcast

http://undertheradar.reframemedia.com/episodes/episode-268-special-guest-tim-coons “Offering gourmet music, Under the Radar highlights some of the best undiscovered and under-appreciated tunes from Christian artists. In this one-hour weekly program, host Dave Trout shares stories, spiritual insight, and exclusive artist interviews to discover the depth of faith and creativity found in the music. Listeners participate by suggesting some of the best […]