Great Reviews for the Album “Almanac No. 1”

There are some online reviews available now for our first album, Almanac No. 1. Take a gander and how people are responding. It’s been extremely encouraging.

From Quip Magazine out of Toronto: contacted us to do a feature on “Shimmer No Waves”. They bring story-lovers and storytellers together to celebrate the art, science and skills of storytelling through diverse media.

And finally the northern Colorado music publication, the Bandwagon, reviewed us. Jed Murphy, one of Greeley’s best writers, took on the album:

If you haven’t yet heard the album, bring your critical ears here:

Giants & Pilgrims ART Show: Betony Coons

Betony Coons is premiering her 12 piece collection (plus a couple surprises) tonight at The Atlas Theater in Greeley, CO. Pictures of the First Friday Event soon to come!


March Theme: “Green”

Here is our poem for March; exploring why we chose the theme “green” to describe these days…

March is a begging garden
Fingertips ready for dirt
Jeans longing for grass stains

The hints of the first warm days 
find us oustide immediately
Our hearts looking for any excuse to walk

Enjoying those tips of green in the 
fields we see

A prologue of the good garden to come